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Funky is our giant, lovable 12 year-old tabby.
He arrived at Mercy in October of 2011

and has been annoying our staff and patients ever since.


Senior Veterinary Technician
Holly Banno, our senior technician, has been with us since 2004.
In addition to having excellent handling skills for our big, often rowdy patients, Holly often drops into the exam room to visit with and get slobbered on by some of her special canine buddies. She has two large dogs, Ares and Fritz, as well as two pudgy cats, Crowley and Scuba Steve.



Senior Veterinary Technician
Jodie Weston, our senior technician, was a client for many years before coming on board our staff in early 2004. She comes from an extensive background in retail customer service and her strongest asset is an excellent ability for dealing with the public. Jodie also excels in the fine art of handling our often anxious feline patients. She has a 5 year-old Boston Terrier named Jagger.


Veterinary Technician
From a very young age, Erin has had a huge love of animals. She has her Associates degree and was going to school to become a Veterinarian. She is passionate about The Caviler King Charles Spaniel breed and is owned by three of them.

Ava (pictured) who you may see at Mercy, Bentley and Brady,

Her home is also shared with a 3 legged cat named Toulouse, a Flemish Giant Rabbit called Mr. O'Malley and three guinea pigs, Toothless, Gandalf and Figaro.



Office Manager
Jess was our office manager previously but left to have a baby.

Now that her son is 12, she is back with us!

Jess has two rescue mixes and lives in the northern part of the state.


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